D-Link DWA-131 WiFi Nano Adapter

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     Wireless N Nano USB Adapter
D-Link DWA-131

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  • connects your computer to a high-speed wireless network.
  • Ultimate Performance.
  • Get Connected, Stay Connected.

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Wireless N Nano USB Adapter
D-Link DWA-131

    The D-Link DWA-131 Wireless N Nano USB Adapter connects your computer to a high-speed wireless network and provides a fast wireless connection with superior reception. Once connected, you can access your network’s high-speed Internet connection and begin browsing the web, streaming videos and music, playing online games, and sharing content with your friends.

  • Ultimate Performance

The DWA-131 provides fast wireless performance for your PC. You can easily add the Wireless N Nano USB Adapter to a PC to access a high-speed Internet connection while sharing photos, fles, music, video, printers, and storage. Enhance your Internet experience with a faster wireless connection and enjoy smooth digital phone calls, gaming, downloading, and video streaming. The Dlink DWA-131 supports WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption to help prevent outside intrusion and protect your personal information from being exposed.

  • Get Connected, Stay Connected

Powered by Wireless N technology, this adapter provides high-performance wireless connectivity. The DWA-131 is designed for use in bigger homes and for users that demand higher networking performance. Maximize your wireless performance by connecting this adapter to a Wireless N router and stay connected from virtually anywhere in your home. The DWA-131 is also backward compatible with 802.11g technology, so you can use it with older equipment too.

  • Connectivity in Your Pocket

The DWA-131’s compact size allows you to take the power of Wireless N technology with you wherever you go. Simply plug the device into an available USB port on a laptop or desktop PC and you’ll be browsing the web, streaming video, and chatting with your friends in no time. With superb wireless performance, reception, and security, the DWA-131 Wireless N Nano USB Adapter is a great choice for easily adding or upgrading wireless connectivity to your computer.

  • Convenient Access Point Functionality

D-Link’s SoftAP feature allows the DWA-131 to act as an access point, allowing you to share your computer’s wired Internet connection wirelessly with other devices, or extend the coverage of an existing network. Simply install the included D-Link SoftAP software and plug in the Wireless N Nano USB Adapter to use the DWA-131 as an access point right away. You can toggle SoftAP on or off with the click of a button, allowing you to switch between modes effortlessly.

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